Structural Inspection - Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and surrounding communities

Smith Inspection Services, Inc.–dba AAA Inspection Services provides residential, commercial, EIFS, Stucco and Termite inspection services from Williamson, Travis & Bastrop Counties. Bob Smith, president provides professional and complete home inspections in Austin & surrounding cities according to current industry standards so his client's can make a wise investment.
His goal has always been to put his client first ahead of his own interest. Bob inspects for his client, not the seller & not to try to obtain the realtors business. His loyalty to you will never be compromised. He recommends that the seller & the seller’s realtor not be at the home inspection. This is your time & he wants to communicate to you clearly without interruptions. Bob’s aim is find the problems in the house before it becomes your problem. To do that Bob must know what to look for, where to find it & how to get to it.
Your realtor cannot determine the condition of the home for you. It is your responsibility as a buyer to hire an experienced Austin ASHI home inspector to determine the home's condition. An experienced ASHI home inspector in Austin can assist you in making unbiased opinions of the functionality of any item. The information you receive from your ASHI home inspector is crucial to making that wise decision.

Why should you have a home inspection?

Bob’s goal is to educate you prior to the purchase about the condition of the home. To find the problem he must spend the necessary time to inspect & evaluate so he can communicate to you in clear terms what is the priority repair & what should be repaired but is not critical at the moment. You can also use Bob’s report to negotiate with the seller to reduce the price of the home or give an allowance to make the necessary repairs after you move in. Major problems are frequently discovered during the home inspection process, so this is your chance to be guarded from buying unwanted problems (i.e. a bad foundation, water leaks, bad roof & so on). If you are on a tight budget or do not want future repairs, then the information Bob has to share is extremely valuable prior to purchase.

Why have a new home inspected during the phase construction or prior to completion?

Defects will be found in all homes, even new homes. Builders are not perfect & they frequently miss critical items that if undetected can cause serious structural damage in the first 3-5 years after completion. For example, all homes are going to settle, because the weight of the structure is bearing on the foundation that is built on soil. When settlement occurs framing defects will be evident by cracking or bowing of the walls, some cracks will be critical structural defects. A small water leak over time can cause a lot of damage. Know this before you buy the home, not after. It is important that you hire an ASHI home inspector in Austin prior to your purchase. You can get the problem resolved that are not covered in the warranty.
Computer generated inspection reports with digital photographs are provided for every client the same day of the home inspection. At the end of every report is a Suggested Maintenance List to keep the home in good condition.
Bob & Sherry Smith value every client & our aim is to serve you as though we were serving the Lord Jesus Christ himself. We want you to walk away from the home inspection knowing that this was the best money spent during the home purchase so that you will tell your family & friends about us. We look forward to serving you


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