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Bob Smith, an Austin home inspector, provides residential and commercial inspections in the Central Texas area. Bob Smith is a consummate professional and thorough Austin home inspector and knows his clients can rely on his home inspection report to make the decision that is right for them.

His goal has always been to put his client’s needs first ahead all other parties involved. He establishes his fiduciary commitment early in the process. His loyalty to you will never be compromised (e.g., trying to obtain more Realtor referrals). Bob does not recommend that the seller and their Realtor be present at the Austin home inspection. This is your time and he wants to communicate with you clearly without distractions or interruptions. His aim is to find the problems in the house before they become your problem.

Your Realtor is there to sell you the house; Bob is not there to tell you if you should buy it. As an experienced ASHI Austin home inspector Bob Smith gives unbiased information that protects you from a possible “money pit”. Your time at the inspection with Bob will be well spent. He takes time to thoroughly explain the problems and answer all of your questions. When you leave you will have a clear understanding of the health and safety hazards as well as structural, mechanical items that require maintenance or replacement.


It’s our job to alert the buyer of a problem before they find it after purchase. Whether the defect is structural or mechanical we perform the home inspection knowing how the item should function and report it as satisfactory or deficient. As your Austin home inspector, Bob lays out any problems in black and white to eliminate any client uncertainty.

Our Austin home inspection service includes the following:

  • Client Discussions
  • Deficiencies Found During the Home Inspection
  • Verbal Home Inspection Briefing and Report Review
  • Home Inspection Report Emailed with Detailed Explanations and Digital Photos

Our clients will know for certain if they will need a specialist to make any repairs. For instance, all settlement cracks do not require repair, but we will let our clients know if an engineer or repair contractor needs to investigate further. Many factors make up the foundation and the structures performance. Cast iron and galvanized drains under foundations, tree roots, poor drainage, erosion, etc. can determine its performance. After gathering all the factors we then present the findings to our client to give them the peace of mind or alert them for further evaluation.

Fire and safety hazards are peppered throughout the report and alerted during the inspection briefing. Defective smoke alarms, furnace and water heater ceilings open to the attic and antiquated gas ranges can jeopardize your family’s health and safety. Our home inspector is so thorough that he points out where the gas and water shut off valves are for every item. We think your family’s health and safety is as important as ours.

We will never tell our clients whether or not to buy the home. But our language is such during the briefing that our concerns will be made crystal clear. We don’t just hand you the report, but rather go through it and answer any of your questions to make sure you have the information you need to make your decision and so you can talk intelligently about the report with your realtor or contractor. Our clients will know the priority, safety and hazardous items before they walk away from the home. For us the bottom line is we treat our home inspection clients like family or close friends. We share all of the information that will protect our client’s future.

Unwaivered Client Commitment

Unwaivered Client Commitment

Bob does not compromise his integrity to gain a job from a realtor. His commitment is to his client ONLY. If you are not satisfied then ask for your money back.

Same Day Reports

Same Day Reports

Bob knows time is of the essence and delivers the report the same day.

Stucco/EIFS Expert

Stucco/EIFS Expert

Bob is one of the few certified EDI Austin home inspectors in Texas to be certified with Exterior Design Institute to inspect hard coat and synthetic stucco. Moisture intrusion through stucco and EIFS can be very costly if it is not identified early before you buy.

Before you buy!

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Before making your final buying decision, obtain a professional Austin home inspection performed by a qualified ASHI Austin home Inspector. Call to schedule an appointment!

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